The rescheduled PC meeting will take place at 7.30pm on Monday 3rd July 2017 at the Village Hall. Please note the purpose of the meeting is for the Sandon Parish Councillors to discuss the planning proposals for Sandon Bury and come to a decision on the Parish Council’s view of the project. Whilst there will be time for contributions from residents of the Village it should be noted that the time allotted for each individual to speak will be limited to 2 minutes and the total time allotted to contributions from the floor will also be limited. In the event that anyone wishes to speak we would ask people to notify the Clerk at least a day so that the Chair can accommodate views. Please note that because time is limited and the primary purpose of the meeting is for the PC to come to a decision there may not be time for all those who wish to speak to do so.

 James de Uphaugh

On behalf of Sandon Parish Council